SHARE will provide access to three products: coarse resolution soil moisture, a scaling layer which allow interpretation of the coarse resolution soil moisture product at 1 km resolution and an experimental high resolution soil moisture product.


IDL Widget for ASAR GM SSM is a free widget that eases the processing and time-series analyses of the ASAR GM surface soil moisture data. Documentation is available here.

2. Surface Soil Moisture 1 km from ASAR:

The experimental High resolution soil moisture product is based on ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode data. the ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode data are processed over Australia and the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The radiometric resolution is however lower quality when compared to the coarse resolution soil moisture product. The ASAR global mode data represent soil moisture in upper most soil layer (<5cm) and should find its use in i.e. drought, yield, flood forecasting or modelling. The data are available for time period of January 2005 until most recently.

3. Surface Soil Moisture 50/25 km from ESCAT/ASCAT:

Global, coarse-resolution soil moisture data (25-50 km) are derived from backscatter measurements acquired with scatterometers on-board of the satellites ERS-1 and ERS-2 (1991 to present) and the three METOP satellites (2006 - 2020). Two different product types are derived:

  • A Level 2 product representing the soil moisture content within a thin soil surface layer (< 2cm) during the time of overflight of the satellite. Surface soil moisture data are derived using a change detection method that relies upon the multi-incidence observation capabilities of the ERS and METOP scatterometers to model the effects of vegetation phenology. The surface soil moisture values are scaled between 0 and 1, representing zero soil moisture and saturation respectively.
  • A Level 3 products representing the water content in the soil profile, regularly sampled in space and time. The profile soil moisture product the so-called Soil Water Index (SWI) is a measure of the profile soil moisture content obtained by filtering the surface soil moisture time series with an exponential function.

4. Scaling layer 1 km from ASAR:

The scaling layer is derived from ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode data. The scaling layer allows the interpretation of coarse resolution soil moisture information as provided by the scatterometer data at 1 km resolution by identifying targets which have similar backscatter characteristics as observed with the scatterometer. The soil moisture variations of these local targets will follow the variations observed in the scatterometer derived soil moisture.