SHARE was one of the European Space Agency's DUE Tiger projects. SHARE introduced an semi-operational soil moisture monitoring service based on a synergistic use of ENVISAT's ASAR sensor and METOP scatterometer.The suit of three SHARE projects started in December 2005 and finished in January 2012! We thank all of you who expressed interest, applied the soil moisture dataset and helped us to evaluate its quality.

The SHARE team will continue with a) validation and improvement of the ENVISAT ASAR soil moisture product, b) cooperation with modellers and data assimilation experts and c) extension of the algorithms to upcoming Sentinel-1-sensor.

An ESA funded project - TIGER-NET - started in April 2012 that aims on demonstration of a user-driven Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) based on satellite earth observation technology. TU WIEN plays a subcontractor role under the leading role of GeoVille Group. Withint the scope of this project TU WIEN will extend the ASAR GM soil moisture product over entire Africa and develope additional products that support water resource management in Africa.

N E W S :

  • (July 2012) A TIGER-NET project - aims to demonstrate a user-drvie Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) based on satellite data - issued a first newsletter.