geoland2 - towards an operational GMES Land Monitoring Core Service (geoland2)

2008-09-01 – 2012-10-31

geoland2 intends to constitute a major step forward in the implementation of the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service (LMCS). The three components (Local, Continental and Global) of the LMCS are addressed. The goal of geoland2 is (i) to prepare, validate and demonstrate pre-operational service chains and products that will underpin the LMCS, and (ii) to propose and demonstrate a concrete functional organisation of the LMCS.The geoland2 deliverables are : (i) the organisation of a production network, (ii) the building of operational processing lines, (iii), the demonstration of services and products, (iv), the set up of a land user platform. TU Wien is a research partner with the task to develop a method for freeze/thaw detection and profile soil moisture (SWI) estimation based on C-band scatterometer data. TU Wien is also responsible for coordinating the scientific activities related to the generation of land hydrological parameters.

Project manager

Project members


  • Meteo France
  • European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
  • University of Leicester
  • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomoique, CR INRA TOULOUSE
  • Centre national d¿études spatiales
  • Infoterra France