quantification of coal fires - especially in China (FFF-China)

2007-12-01 – 2008-12-31

The project " Fossil Fuel Deposit Fires, Occurrence Inventory, Design and Assessment of Instrumental Options" - in short: FFF - deals with the evaluation of possibilities to quantify coal fires in China, concerning fire related gas emission and resource losses. Coal fires are fires in surface- and underground coal seams, which ignite though spontaneous combustion. The valuable resource burns away and at the same time a larger amount of toxic and green house relevant gasses are released to the atmosphere. Currently the focus of interest of the international research community in the field is to develop methods and strategies on how to quantify these emissions. This seems especially interesting under the framework of CDM projects within Kyoto or future protocols. FFF thus is dealing with the quantification of coal fires - especially in China.

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