Christian Doppler Laboratory for Spatial Data from Laserscanning and Remote Sensing 2007 (CD-Labor 2007)

2007-01-01 – 2008-03-31

In the areas of photogrammetry and remote sensing rapid technological changes are currently taking place. Novel sensor technologies such as airborne laser scanning allow to acquire data of previously unknown quality and quantity. The transformation of these novel data into useable information is the primary objective of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for "Spatial Data from Laser Scanning and Remote Sensing". Target applications are hydrologic applications and artificial object modelling. The correct geometrical and physical description of remotely sensed data is a core problem for photogrammetry and remote sensing. This requires mathematical models for describing the geometric proberties of the measurement system and physically based methods to retrieve the desired object properties. Equally important is a good understanding of the information needs of applied disciplines which require data provided by laser scanning, remote sensing and photogrammetry. In accordance with the private partners of the Christian Doppler Laboratory, two thematic areas have been chosen: (a) Spatial Data for Hydrologic Applications; (b) Object Modelling for Cities, Buildings and Infrastructure.

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