Use of SCA cross-polarisation information for soil moisture retrieval (SCA cross-pol)

2014-07-23 – 2015-04-22

For the EPS-SG SCA instrument, the successor of MetOp ASCAT, the inclusion of a VH polarisation channel on the mid-beam antenna is currently being considered. The two main goals of the proposed study are (i) to evaluate the potential use of the cross-polarisation channel for improving soil moisture retrievals based on VV-polarised data only, and (ii) to propose a preliminary algorithm that exploits this potential. These goals will be achieved by undertaking three major tasks:

Task 1. An initial conceptual assessment through a comprehensive literature review

Task 2. An assessment based on real data analysis, using existing instruments with properties close to those of SCA (C-Band, VV/VH polarisation, multi-incidence-angle observations) to characterise the varying surface parameter contributions to the backscatter signal and to assess sensitivity, accuracy, and spatio-temporal variability aspects

Task 3. A preliminary algorithm formulation based on the findings of (1) and (2)

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  • Institute of Applied Physics (IFAC), CNR
  • EURAC research (European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano)