Integrated Water Management: A new synergetic training course for Asian - European master degree education and training in Integrated Watershed Management (INWAMA)

2005-01-12 – 2007-06-01

INWAMA is an interdisciplinary Asian-European partnership project, which implements an advanced synergetic master degree course in the field of Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) to assist efforts directed to alleviate poverty caused by water scarcity and improve livelihoods. INWAMA¿s course focus on establishing and integrating innovative methodologies, guidelines, and tools to har-monise academic education concerning IWM in participating partner institutions. During the 30 months project the partners will focus on the elaboration of the Advanced Master Course which will be the test and evaluation for new course modules as well as for their didactic and technical implementation. Combining multidisciplinary experience from international scientists in a comprehensive course for master students a new approach is offered that integrates scale-bridging research technologies and participatory strategies to analyse the integrated environment system of river basins.

Project manager

Project members


  • Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena
  • Universität PotsdamInstitute für Geoökologie
  • Indian Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Civil Engineering
  • Agricultural Resources Research CenterInstitute of Agriculture Modernization
  • Institute for Geographical Science and Natural Resources Research
  • Universität DundeeInternational Water Law Research InstituteDepartment of Law
  • Universität SouthamptonGeodata Institute