Implementierungsplan für ein Echtzeit-ASCAT Bodenfeuchtigkeitsproduct für die Wettervorhersage (NWP SCAT)

2004-12-01 – 2006-05-30

The objective is to develop an implementation plan for a near-real-time (NRT) global ASCAT surface soil moisture product for numerical weather prediction (NWP). The feasibility for an implementation in EUMETSAT¿s central Product Processing Facility (PPF) will be investigated. The METOP ASCAT is the successor of the scatterometer on-board of ERS-1/2, for which a team at the Vienna University of Technology has developed a novel method for retrieving soil moisture. Since the scatterometers on board METOP and ERS-1/2 have very similar sensor characteristics, so that it can be expected that methods developed for the ERS-1/2 scatterometer can be transferred to METOP without major problems.

Project manager

Project members

  • Richard Kidd


  • Met Office


  • Meteo France
  • Met Office
  • European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts