Towards an Earth Observation Platform for the Greater Danube Region: Initial Developments and Scientific Experiments (EOP-Danube)

2016-05-01 – 2017-10-31

Driven by the increasing volume and diversity of earth observation (EO) data and the rapid evolution of the information technology (IT) sector, the ground segment of EO satellites will undergo significant changes within the next five to ten years. This constitutes a significant chance for countries that have previously played no or only a minor role in the European ground segment by allowing them to become involved with novel ground segment operations concepts.

Seizing upon this chance the strategic and overarching goal of EOP Danube is to further develop the Earth Observation Data Center (EODC) platform and cloud computer environment to bring it up to a level that it can play a role in the realisation of EO Innovation Europe and the Copernicus Integrated Ground Segment.

EOP Danube addresses significant organisational, technical and scientific challenges related to Big EO data, and specifically, with the partnership of DLR, the federation of remote IT infrastructures, and EO data archives. The project sees the evolution of the EODC platform for basic, advanced and expert users addressing their specific users requirements for drought assessment and land cover dynamics and enables access to optimised EO processing chains within a virtualised high performance computing environment.

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  • Catalysts GmbH
  • AWST GmbH
  • EODC Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH