Cooperation with @IWMI_ in Sri Lanka to predict droughts

Sri Lanka – Members of the Remote Sensing research group are currently working at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Colombo, supporting the research projects on drought monitoring and management in the research theme on Water Availability, Risk and Resilience. The focus of the work is the development of satellite-based methods for a straight-forward, long-term reliable and cost-effective assessment of soil moisture extremes and the prediction of subsequent agricultural droughts in South Asia. Therefore, relationships between soil moisture events and vegetation conditions are analysed in order to develop indicators for water stress. Evaluation of the satellite soil moisture is done at field level using low cost sensors. This internship should entail larger projects and intensify the cooperation between TU Wien and IWMI.

You can also read about this project in corporAID Magazin [in German]: Österreichische Projekte im Entwicklungs-Business

Category: Remote Sensing

Isabella Pfeil, Peejush Pani, Simon Hochstöger